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Museum of History and Archaeology (Musée d’Histoire et d’Archéologie) – Château Gaillard


Histoire - Archéologie - Préhistoire - Château
Musée d'histoire et d'archéologie, Ville de Vannes

The Museum of History and Archaeology, housed in Chateau Gaillard – a listed historical building – reveals the secrets of the earliest objects used by humans in the area. An exhibition of more than 700 objects, arranged chronologically from the Palaeolithic period to Gallo-Roman times, charts the history of the ancient civilisations that left their mark on Morbihan and Brittany. The museum’s collection features one-of-a-kind pieces discovered in Morbihan’s major Neolithic sites such as Carnac, Locmariaquer, Arzon, and Gavrinis, as well as Gallo-Roman vestiges discovered in Vannes.

The museum in Vannes also keeps and displays the collections of the Morbihan Polymathic Society (Société Polymathique du Morbihan), which include nearly 40,000 pieces. The collection features fossils, minerals, herbariums, shells, exotic birds, finery from Oceania, Carthaginian funeral urns and the last of the Vannes wolves!