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Prehistory Museum (Musée de Préhistoire)


Archéologie - Préhistoire
  • Musée de Préhistoire de Carnac
  • Musée de Préhistoire de Carnac

It is the start of the 5th millennium B.C., and Carnac is a major hub of wealth and power. Large Alpine jade axes, polished adornments imported from Spain and discovered in the Tumulus of Saint Michel… These stunning pieces feature alongside everyday objects from this Neolithic period, which saw the erection of the famous alignments of menhirs and dolmens. A visit to Carnac Prehistory Museum gives you the keys to unlock numerous archaeological sites in Brittany, from the Paleolithic to the Gallo-Roman period. The museum is not only home to one of Europe’s richest prehistoric collections, but it also contains objects discovered on the sites for which our region is renowned. Visitors can stroll among the megaliths, learn about archaeological digs, or take part in demonstrations of prehistoric skills, bringing to life these periods which, despite being long ago, remain closely connected to our human history.