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Ushant Ecomuseum (Écomusée d’Ouessant)

Ushant (Ouessant)

Ethnologie - Biodiversité
  • Écomusée d'Ouessant. Photo : Albert Pennec
  • Écomusée d'Ouessant. Photo : Albert Pennec
  • Écomusée d'Ouessant

How do you live on an island? How do you get food? Where do your water and electricity come from? The ecomuseum tells us what life is like on an island, providing fascinating answers to these questions. Its atmosphere is indescribable: you need to experience it! Sit at the table of a centuries-old house, imagine waking up in a colourful enclosed bed, or looking after a flock of black sheep or a herd of local-breed cattle or horses, attend a gorzez, a women’s gathering where you might even hear a few Breton songs… But the museum is also about leaving your island, heading off to join the Navy or the Merchant Navy. The museum was France’s first ecomuseum. It opened in 1969, in the heart of the Armorica Regional Natural Park, and today, it continues its mission to preserve and share the living memory of the island. It offers visitors a chance to share a slice of island life.

The “Vivez l’Armorique” application (in French) allows you to learn about the island’s past and present. The voices of islanders and locals guide you on an unforgettable walk to discover the island. The application can be downloaded for free via App Store and Google Play. The “Adventure Backpack” (sac à dos aventure) will take you on an independent family adventure, to find out a few of the island’s secrets!