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The Monts d’Arrée Ecomuseum (Écomusée des Monts d’Arrée)

Commana and Saint-Rivoal

Ethnologie - Histoire - Biodiversité
  • Écomusée des Monts d'Arrée - Village de Kerouat à Commana
  • Écomusée des Monts d'Arrée - Saint-Rivoal
  • Écomusée des Monts d'Arrée - Maison Bothorel, Saint-Rivoal

Combining nature and heritage, the Monts d’Arrée Ecomuseum is an opportunity to discover two remarkable sites: the village of Kerouat in Commana and the Cornec house in Saint-Rivoal.

At the heart of a 12-hectare scenic site, the village of Kerouat (Commana) is excellently preserved, evoking the everyday life of a 19th-century family of millers: the Fagot family. Nestled in a lush, green valley, the village developed around the first mill built in 1610. The mills and the surrounding nature allowed the locals to provide for their needs over the centuries, in perfect harmony with the environment.

Even before Saint-Rivoal became a village, the house built in 1702 by Yvon Cornec and his wife Anne Broustal was already standing, near to the old chapel of the trève (succursal parish) of Brasparts. This small manor house has been preserved in its original state. However, all around, life has moved on, the houses are occupied, fitted out with all the mod-cons. The Bothorel house, next to the Cornec house, displays this evolution up to the 1950s. In the heart of the village, this valuable heritage site is next to the conservatory orchards of the eco-museum: a trip back in time and a stroll in nature, all near to the Mont Saint-Michel de Brasparts!