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Pays de Rennes Ecomuseum (Écomusée du pays de Rennes)


Ethnologie - Histoire - Biodiversité
A. Amet - Écomusée du pays de Rennes

Imagine 20 hectares of exhibitions right near to Rennes. At the Pays de Rennes Ecomuseum, you will find a farm telling the story of five centuries of rural life, living on the land, producing food, growing crops, and relationships between the countryside and the neighbouring city. Visitors to the ecomuseum can discover 19 old Breton breeds, from the Coucou de Rennes chicken to the Postier draught horse. The museum is also an agronomic journey of discovery, with hundreds of varieties of fruit, presenting ancient agricultural crops and techniques. Flax, hemp, buckwheat, fodder plants, tobacco, cider apples, beehives… The ecomuseum is a true showcase of biodiversity and know-how.